About Us


Internationally, the most successful fast food chains have evolved, by investing in technology around a single food product that was hugely popular in a given region.

Jumboking’s vision is on similar lines-they have taken up the concept of vada pav, a regional colossus of a food item, infused contemporary flavours, and created a market for vadapower!

Jumboking is today the preferred food of a busy, young country-India, for a generation that’s always on the move.

BACK in August 2001, in a small suburb of Mumbai, an experiment to wrap and serve the vada pav began. The kitchen was modernized, electric friers with timers were installed and a standardized product was served to the millions of railway commuters that dot the metropolis of Mumbai. A franchising program, now hugely successful, was built around the product. Stores were opened in bustling locations away from railway stations too.

In April 2014, Jumboking sold its 100 millionth vada pav.

As more and more cities embrace “vadapower”- Jumboking’s format has evolved to a crisp 200-300 sq feet at busy locations for those who don’t have time for a relaxed meal in the middle of their work or shopping or play.

Simplicity has found a new name- Jumboking.