The most successful fast food chains (QSR) in the world have evolved out of a single food product that was hugely popular in a given region.

Jumboking follows the same model and has taken vada pav pan-India, and adapted the popular vadapav to global, metropolitan flavours such as corn palak and schezwan.

Here are 10 simple reasons why a potential investor should partner with Jumboking.

  • Opportunity to bring a new brand to your city.
  • Be a part of a system that has converted “store location” into a science.
  • Inherit a modern functional optimal layout.
  • Get access to ‘Training Support’ as well as SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) manuals.
  • Partner with Jumboking’s world class manufacturing set-up- an ISO 22000 certified
  • manufacturing facility.
  • Plug into Innovation: Jumboking’s central kitchen has a full-fledged R&D Centre where product innovation is a continuous process- to offer superior “on the move” products to its customers.
  • Jumboking products are aggressively priced and generate high sales volumes.
  • Efficient logistics: A smooth supply chain is the key to success in the QSR business. Jumboking is committed to right quality, at the right time, at the right temperatures.
  • A proven marketing program: Jumboking has high recall. The franchisor's advice and guidance gives direction to the franchise partner on what works and what does not work in the business. A well-known brand tantamounts to overall minimization of business risk.
  • High growth support- Research shows that 70% fathers prefer their sons to be a part of an existing successful franchise model, as opposed to a rank new business. That apart, the brand is always looking to innovate and offer more to help its partners grow.